Sample 2: Veiled Dreams


 German Potato Salad (2 varieties)

potato salad bavarian style, made with pickled cucumber, fresh onions and vegetable broth (no mayonnaise)

potato salad made with a yummy mayonnaise dressing

Main Dishes

Stuffed Veggie with an Italian Tomato Gravy
Capsicum and zucchini stuffed with heartily seasoned minced chicken in a fresh tomato gravy Italian style. This dish is accompanied by rice

Traditional French Fish Soup (Bouillabaisse)
juicy pieces of fresh fish and prawns, cooked with veggie and a traditional mediterranean herbal seasoning

German Beef-Mushroom Goulash with Homemade German Pasta (Pilzgulasch mit hausgemachten SpƤtzle)
slowly braised pieces of beef in a creamy mushroom gravy, garnished with fresh parsley and yummie homemade pasta swabian style


Yoghurt-Vanilla-Cream with Peaches
Creamy vanilla-yoghurt made with fresh Bourbon Vanilla, with sliced sweet peaches and garnished with juicy pomegranate seeds - a very fresh and nice dessert

Dunia Deli special Chocolate Cake
a very delicious chocolate cake baked according to a French family recipe. Melts in the mouth!

... and as a sweet snack to finish:

Mini Meringue (Baiser) fresh from the Oven

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