Home deliveries

Coming home from a long working day? Craving for yummy homemade food, but not in a mood to cook? Then Dunia-Deli-Delivery is a "must try"

Just put it into your freezer, heat it up in the microwave and enjoy yummie homemade original European food!

All dishes prepared according to orignal European family recipes

strictly no food enhancers

strictly no preservatives

strictly no pork

we only use best virgin olive oil and natural sea salt for cooking

  • Delivery to your doorstep (free delivery in KLCC Area)
  • Minimum order quantity per delivery: 4 portions of whereas minimum 2 portions per main dish
  • All deliveries arrive at your house in a proper cooling box, thoroughly packed in containers which are suitable for freezer and re-heating in microwave. 

You like your personal offer for Dunia-Deli food delivery? Call: 012-7082598 or mail: dunia@dunia-deli.com

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